Desert Safari

Thar Desert safari is a feast for the eyes. Apart from magnificent forts and ruins, you will stumble into remote villages where you can learn Rajasthan culture and tradition. Among the many delights is sun-bashing. A real treat especially if on a jeep as the vehicle climbs the tall dunes and down again that will surely get your adrenalin racing. Sunset is amazing at the desert. Sit on the sand and behold the fading sun as it is being slowly swallowed by the sands. And you will be filled with excitement as you discover an oasis after traveling miles of endless sands. Desert safaris come with tented accommodation some basic and some modern. The experience of sleeping under the star lit skies will create a lifetime of memories.

Camel Safari: Almost everyone who comes to Rajasthan go camel safar-ing in the Thar. Camel safaris run for a day to weeks depending on your choice. The journey is filled with entertainment from sumptuous dining to lodging at camps. It is best done in a group.

Jeep Safari: The open jeep is for the adventure-zealous group. The most popular destinations are Amar Sagar, Lodhruva, Mool Sagar and the famous Sam Sand Dunes. To get to Sam Sand Dunes jeep safari is ideal. To make the most of your time there, stay overnight. You will cross numerous abandoned villages along the way. It is best done in the winter months when the winter chill and warm sunshine provide a heady combination.

Horse Safari: The former Rajasthan rulers, Rajputs, were indigenous horseback riders. Retaining the tradition, today horse safaris are arranged on the routes frequented by the maharajas. Udaipur vicinity with its hilly terrain and forested countryside are ideal for this. Plus you will be accommodated in heritage hotels, former residence of the maharajas. Coupled with this, you will trot pass villages, historical monuments and temples and ancient relics scattered all over the landscapes.