Festivals in Rajasthan

People in Rajasthan rejoice life as a celebration. From animal carnivals to religious fairs to fair to mark the changing seasons.

Bikaner Camel Festival

The festival begins with the procession of decorated camels. Three days of extravaganza displays exciting events, where open competition is held for best decorated camel, best fur-cutting style on the camel, camel best breed and fastest running camel.

Pushkar Fair

Thousands of pilgrims come to take bath in the holy water of the Pushkar lake on Kartik Purnima. The fair is exciting and have a great visual impact. Well bred camels are bought and sold. The visit to all the shrines is completed in seven days and is known as chaubis-kosi-parikrama. The fair also endorses many competitions that are worth watching. It is held in month of November.

Desert Festival

Desert festival of Jaisalmer is celebrated in the month of February, the festival endorses magnificent spectacle of color, music and festivity. The cherished moments of its glorious past and rich colors could be easily seen . One can see the famous Gair dancers and the Fire dancers that forms the special highlights of the festival. The turban-lying competition and Mr. desert contest increase the excitement.

Gangaur Festival

Gangaur is a spiritual festival that symbolizes cultural heritage of Rajasthan. 'Gan' is a synonym of Siva and 'Gauri' of his consort, Parvathi who symbolizes married bliss. It is devotion to the ideal woman which finds expression in this festival. This festival has been celebrated by married women and young girls.

Marwar Festival

Initially known as Maand Festival, it is organized by the department of Tourism, government of Rajasthan. Maand is a traditional style of the folk music centered on the romantic life style of Rajasthan's rulers . It is held for two days during the full moon of sharad purnima.

Teej Festival

A festival to mark the advent of monsoon. Processions,women dressed in bright colors and a lot of merriment prevails during Teej. Essentially a women's festival, it is interesting to watch them enjoying in groups and at various bazaars where they turn up to shop in all their finery. This festival is held in the month of July- August.