Jaisalmer Tours

Rajasthan comprising the Great Indian Desert in itself accommodates some of the beautifully formed cities adding on the charm of Rajasthan's royalty and vigor. One equivalent city is the Jaisalmer city which is set at the midst of Thar Desert Jaisalmer has been transformed itself into a dominant tourist destination all over the world. The golden sand endorses a magnificent view of the majestic and sheer brilliance of the desert and therefore Jaisalmer is known as the 'Golden City'. In the early morning the sun rises gloriously and sets charismatically leaving behind a magnetic aura in the sky which is nearly breathtaking.Jaisalmer

This Golden City was commenced in 1156 by Rao Jaisal and is spread over an area of 1429 sq km which is fringed with Bikaner in the north, Pakistan in the west, Barmer in the south and Jodhpur in the east. This desert fortress is world famous for its rich cultural heritage. And unlike other cities in Rajasthan Jaisalmer serves as a significant and ancient trading centre as it has a strategic location on the camel trade routes. Another fascinating aspect of this city is the magnificent architectural monuments that reflect the amazing craftsmanship and traditional culture of Rajasthani people.

The rich cultural heritage of Jaisalmer comprises the magnificent Havellis built by merchants in the 19th century. Jaisalmer is a home to many such grand Havellis and forts which are fascinatingly built with exclusive architecture and spell bounding beautiful art work. Exquisitely carved out from the golden- yellow sandstone and still stand beautifully in perfect condition the oldest fort of Rajasthan is set in Jaisalmer. This golden hued fort named as Jaisalmer fort is the most charming landmark a city can ever have. Patwon ki havelli is yet another fascinating place to witness the royalty of Jaisalmer. This 5 storey high havelli comprises magnificent craftsmanship with jail work all over and painted with beautiful murals making it all the more attractive. The Gadsisar Sagar Lake which is a natural lake made out of rain water and is fringed by the shrines that endorse a magnificent view. Jain temples of Jaisalmer are beautifully carved in structures of Jain Tirthankar, one of which was constructed in 12th century and is set in the Jaisalmer fort. Gyan Bhandar is a library which serves as a part of these Jain temples and comprises the oldest of Indian manuscripts. Jaisalmer is an absolute destination providing every possible attraction to its visitors. Beautiful gardens, fascinating museums, exotic wildlife Jaisalmer accommodates its visitors to the best of what Rajasthan have.

Beside the rich cultural heritage and architectural brilliance of Jaisalmer, the fairs and festivals of this place also serves as a dominant attraction to its visitors. Jaisalmer shelters some of the most vibrant festivals and dynamic fairs including desert festival, elephant fair, etc. which showcases the royalty, vigor, cultural and traditional values and rural way of living. During these festivals and fairs Jaisalmer comes alive with its bright colours and vibrant festive spirit.